duminică, 19 aprilie 2015

Erotic massage - legal or illegal in Romania

What is legal and illegal - eternal question eternal problem. Well, in Romania erotic massage is perfectly legal, as in most Member normal on this planet. And it is absolutely legal as long as this does not involve massaging sexual contact between the two partners. In some countries in Western Europe, is legalized prostitution, which means it may contain erotic massage and intimate contact, but these things vary from salon to salon, depending on each policy.

In erotic massage parlors in Romania, things are as they epoate clear - there is intimate contact between the masseuse / Weight and customer / client (regardless combination) - or at least those massage parlors makers are keen to prohibit such actions. Moreover, each descriptions salon services rendered in black and white says very clearly that they do erotic massage proceeding involves intimate contact.
To conclude - yes, erotic massage parlors are 100% legal as long as respect the laws of the country, while paying their taxes cut while receipt and solve all the problems to be solved in terms of hygiene.
What does the future ... I do not know, maybe the Romanian state decides to repatriate prostitutes left to work in Germany and will legalize prostitution where services rendered in such wards will change completely.